Life Cement

“Kids are like wet cement. Whatever you throw at them makes an impression.”

I heard this quote a while ago and it has being stuck in my head since then. The experiences that we faced growing up as kids and experiences we face as adults, they all shape us to who we are. It is up to us to decide what we want to impact our lives. We have to decide not to let our past experiences dictate who we are or what we are going to be. What do you want to do about past and your present?, What impressions would you allow your experiences to imprint on you?, Are you ready to take back the authority and not let an event or events control you. So make the decision to choose freedom. Freedom from your past. God is the ultimate dictator of our lives, let Him direct it. Pour fresh cement and control what gets thrown at you. Choose to allow only positive impressions on your life. Learn to block off the negatives.

As parents, we sometimes say things we don’t mean to our kids or we react a certain way. This is all ok and normal because we’re humans but what you do afterwards determines the impression we leave on them. Do you own your mistakes and apologize? Or do you act like it wasn’t a big deal to make you children feel less about themselves with your words or actions?

I’ve had things happened in my life. wrongs done to me, ugly words said to me that scarred me. We all have such stories to tell. I decided to pour out fresh cement on my life and I choose what impressions I want made on my life cement. I chose to cover up my cement first with God’s love, then other little spots remaining with positives. My husband, that’s a positive. My children, (they say i’m the best), that’s a positive. My friends who love me, that’s another positive. And so much more. Everyone has positives, no dobt.

So, choose positives and block off the negatives from making an impression on your life cement.




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