Reality Light Bulb

wow how time flies. You have a new baby, you’re filled with so much love and joy. then the baby grows. He/she starts sitting unsupported, you’re all smiles. Then they start crawling and you’re “awww”. Then they start pulling themselves up to standing with any and everything possible then it dawns on you what is about to happen or already happening. Your cute lil baby is becoming independent and it’s time to BABY-PROOF your house.
Well, that’s my story. my house has always been kiddie -proof but now, I have to baby proof. makes any sense? well. first the “Gate”. that has got to come back into my humble abode. NO MORE lil toy parts etc allowed on the floor. all breakables, tear-ables, and all out of my lil munchkins reach. lower level cabinets – i’m bringing the latches back. o my. forgot all about this stage. Most of all, i have to keep sounding these new laws into big sis and big bro’s ears. “KEEP YOUR HOMEWORKS AWAY FROM SARAH” lol!!!!!

This journey would be a fun one. 🙂


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