What’s Important?? Part 2

Your Family

Your Children

Prayer is a powerful tool that we all have at our disposal, the cheapest tool that we can have to fix things in our lives, the cheapest weapon we can acquire to fight our battles. Prayer is so readily available to us but only few know how to use it.

“No one who hopes in you will ever be put to shame,…” Psalm 25:3a.

When we pray, we are putting our hope and trust in God and asking Him to fight our battles. When we fight our battles in the spiritual, with prayers, God fights it for us and with us and He brings us out victorious. It doesn’t matter what the battle is; issues at work with a boss or co-worker, legal issues, battles in our homes with our spouses or kids.

Sometimes the battle might seem unending, or lost, just have hope.

As a mom with little children, 8, 6 and 19 months, I am constantly faced with new behaviors or attitudes good and no so good. Good ones to encourage and not so good ones to change. A lot of times these behaviors or attitudes get stuck on so hard and it’s difficult to stop, they find themselves acting in such manner before remembering mom or dad has said not to. So what do I do, I continue to correct the behavior, sometimes with punishments but I also get on my knees and I pray for my children for God’s help and grace over them to help with making that behavior obvious to their subconscious and help them think before acting. Sometimes, I have had to pray these prayers for weeks and even months before seeing the change I desire in them.

Our kids are our first and primary assignment as parents, so we should learn to spend time in prayer for them.

I once had to pray for love to be amongst my 2 oldest kids because the sibling rivalry was becoming very disturbing to me. They argued about almost everything, they get mean to each other because one did something mean to the other and now it’s time for that one to retaliate. My goodness. I couldn’t stand and watch all that meanness going on amongst my children when they’re supposed to be friends. I became very concerned and feared them hating or resenting each other for whatever reason. So, I had to think of ways to stop the behavior; reminding of their friendship and the importance of family, getting them engaged in activities and of course… time alone in their rooms.

I pray for everything concerning my kids; for a good day at school, for open minds in learning, for them to make good friends (very important), I pray about what and who they come in contact with at school, on the bus, at the park, at after school activities etc, everywhere. Everything that concerns your children are worth praying about. We live in a time where a lot of things and information are everywhere and easily accessible it’s hard to keep them from getting to your little one’s attention. As we work at filtering what they learn, we should pray for wisdom to deal with these situations.

Another issue to minful of is extended family’s views on everything that concerns your family.

Sometimes, we have family members that don’t think or do things like our family does. So be sure to let them know of your family’s views and beliefs on certain issues. For example; what tv shows your kids are allowed or not allowed to watch, what music they’re not allow to listen to, what behaviors are not accepted etc. Do this espcially if the family member will be around for sometime or long term.

Side Note:

Do not let anyone treat, or talk to your kids in ways that you and your spouse do not approve of. Never put your child/children 2nd place to anyone besides your spouse. If you have trained your child in the way he/she should grow, you have no reason to doubt them over someone else’s claims or accusations.

I once had a situation at my son’s school. The story of the event was told differently from what my son said he experienced. After the school’s investigation, it was known that the event did occur as my son narrated. I was glad that I listened to and trusted my little boy and not the school. I’m saying this to show how important it is for us to listen to what our children has to say before drawing any conclusions and making them feel untrusted and alone.When you teach your kids to be honest, you also have to practice trusting them.

Most of all, let us pray for grace as parents, to be able to be the best that we can cos our best is good enough.




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