Life as it seems

Driving in the car with my 3 precious kiddos. Listening to their conversations and responding to their ceaseless questions. At the same time trying to listen to and enjoy my music. I could hear the words of the song amongst their many chatter. Enjoying listening to them talk, chat and enjoy each others company was amazing, but then I realized something…

Our lives can sometimes seem crowded and noisy and overshadowed with so many other things, so many other voices. It can be hard to feed-out, tune-out these other voices inorder to listen to what really matters.

Sometimes these other voices or issues in our lives come in to deter us from what really matters, from our destined path in life. They prevent us from seeing what’s important. Prevents us from enjoying special moments with our families and friends. Prevents us from chasing our dreams. Most importantly, these noises prevent us from hearing the truth. God’s words for us.

God’s words for us are true, encouraging, blessings and even when it seems like He isn’t giving us what we want, He still uplifts us. God’s words are never negative. He corrects us with love. Do not let negative words take over your thoughts; they are lies.

We need to learn to tune-out the negatives and zone-in on the positives, on what matters. Tune-in to the positives. Tune-in to the encouraging words. Feed our minds with positive words, surround ourselves with positive people and zone-out the negatives.

Many Blessings

Samantha E.




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