Faith · Motivational

Mail Delivery

I’ve always seen the mail man drive around delivering mails and packages in their vans and sometimes on foot. It’s the norm – mails get delivered everyday.

On this particular day, as I drive my kids to their saturday activity, I looked out my side of the window and saw a mail-lady on foot sorting mails into mailboxes. This was early spring, it was still a bit cold out. She had her jacket on. Then it occured to me how much these men and women do to make sure our mails get into our mail boxes everyday. No matter the weather; rain or shine, hot or cold, they are out in their vans or on foot making sure that we get our mails.

This picture of the mail-lady walking, carrying her mail bag full of letters and bills reminded me so much of our heavenly father and the verse that says, If He can take care of the birds of the air how much more we His children.

Just like the mail man or woman goes around a neighborhood making sure that everyone gets their much needed bills, letters and packages, God also goes around fixing our brokenness, our disappointments, providing for us, making sure that we have what we need at that particular time, though what we need or what He gives us might not be what we want. So… like our mails; we wait patiently for it to be delivered, Let us wait patiently for what God has for us. For what mail or package He has to deliver to us.

Let us learn to give God the wheel of our lives because He definitely knows best.


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