Prayers for your Children

A few topics or areas to pray about concerning your children

  1. Pray for their minds. That they will always have the nudge to choose right from wrong in any situation.
  2. Pray for their hearts. That they will learn to love themselves the way God made them (everything about themselves), that they will learn to love their siblings, their friends and also learn to love other human reagardless of race, gender, ethnicity, family situation or economic status.
  3. Pray for their learning. That God will open their minds and quicken their brains to understand and keep to memory what they are learning.
  4. Pray for their self esteem. That they may be filled with confidence and love for themselves. 
  5. Pray for their friendships. For the friends that they make/meet everyday, that they will not let peer pressure make them do what they do not want to do or what they should not be doing. That they will be bold to say NO. They will not let themselves be bullied and they will speak out when in any of such situation.
  6. Pray for their future. Pray that God will give you parents wisdom to guide them in the path that He (God) has set for them and not the path you want them to follow. The insight and discernment to perceive God’s plans for them.
  7. Pray for God’s protecton over their physical being. 

Prayer is and always will be the strongest weapon given freely to us, why not use it




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