Marriage Wows

Communication is important in any relationship especially marriage. It builds closeness, openness, and trust. Honesty is also important in marriage as it helps to build trust. One other very impartant ingredient in marrige is SEX. Yes SEX.

Why do you think God made sex as part of life, to be experienced by two consenting adults. Sex joins 2 people together in body and soul and for this reason it’s meant to be enjoyed in marriage or between two consenting adults. (I understand that not everyone has the grace to abstinence, so I use the phrase “Two consenting adults”).

Very often, one of the two in marriage would love and want to enjoy having sex more than the other. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The two can enjoy having sex often. You have to figure out what makes the other person happy during sex. What ignites their senses, What sets them in the mood. The more sex a couple has the better. Keep things spontaneous and alive in the bedroom. Tease each other all day, sext each other at work, talk dirty. If there are kids in the picture, when they’re around, talk in codes about sex. Make up your own coded words to mean sex. They help in prepping your minds and body even before you get to the bed and start with the foreplay. Let’s call it a fore-foreplay. Learn to tickle each other. You’ll find yourself yearning for each other through the day. If you have a house full of kids, then make things interesting and funny. Use your  codes to talk sex before you find the time to escapse the kids. Do quick ones. I don’t agree with sex at the office or resturant bathrooms etc, but I do agree with couples having quick kinky sex in your home bathroom or the laundry room or the basement or your bedroom closet etc.  Give the kids their favorite snacks, TV remote and sneek off to the bedroom. It’s ok.

There shouldn’t be a schedule for sex between couples. It should be spontaneous and should happen more than once a week or twice a week. I understnad that not every individual loves to have sex, or we get tired at the end of the day from our daily activities but when we find ourselves in a marriage relationship, we need to make the decision to try to be there for our spouse in this area. Tuning our minds to the act and teasing each other to help with the mind prepping helps. Let your minds communicate with his/hers and be there for the act.

Ladies be there for your man: No granny panties, No maternity pants, No maternity sleepwear etc. You don’t need a sexy lingerie all the time and you also do not need big ugly sleepwear. Save the lingerie for the bedroom and something nice around the house that is sexy for your man’s eyes and appropriate for the kids eyes. Men, your lady wants to see you wtihout your shirt on. Walk around the house in just boker shorts. She loves it.

Bottom line, make time to spend time with your spouse. It’s worth it.




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