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Let Go – Past Relations

Our past experiences makes us who we are in the present; good or bad. Some of us may have be scared pretty badly and it’s hard to see or believe any differently. While others may have had it very exciting it becomes hard to experience life any differently (e.g facing any bad times in life) and others a mixture of the two.

Letting go of the past is not a very easy thing to do. It takes work; making the decision everyday to let the past stay in the past and working on not letting the past events take hold of your today.

In this part we’ll look at past relationships or friendships

Looking at marriage. It’s never ok, in a relationship, for either party to have a close friend of the opposite gender that your partner knows nothing about. And if your partner does know this individual, there should still be strict boundaries set in place. You should have no involvement with this individual in the absence of your partner. Old friends, old relationships with the opposite gender that has no relation with your partner or spouse should be put behind. Never a good idea, can only cause damage to your present relationship with your partner/spouse.





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