It’s Mother’s Day

It’s another special day today, a day when women with children are to be treated extra special, pampered and showered with gifts and affection from loved ones. A day when women are to be treated a liltte more than any normal day. Our kids love on us, our husbands love on us. They go shopping and surprise us with that specially picked-out gift and maybe breakfast, or special lunch. All good.

While we all enjoy this special time with our special people let’s not forget those women that pray to be in this position, women that pray to celebrate this day with so much joy but aren’t able to. Some have lost their child or children, other have tried for long to have their own children and haven’t been unbale to for whatever reason. And others have kids but no husband to make it a little extra special not because their kids aren’t enough, could be because their kids are still very young and can’t get these little things done on their own. Reach out to these women around you that find themselves in these situations or others. Help make their Mother’s Day a little special. Help their kids make or buy something special for their special mom. Maybe give a gift card to a nice restaurant. Or simply invite them over for a Mother’s Day lunch. Send them a text telling them how great a Mom they are. Make some mother’s Mother’s Day special.




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