I have an addiction that I s so hard for me to give it up. I have been able to overcome my addiction to social media; I’m not on as I used to. I’ve given up soda etc. (Never been addiction to any substance). The biggest of them all for me is GOLDEN OREO cookies. I literally have to say NO to myself as walk passed them in stores. And when I do walk through the cookie aisle looking for health snacks for my kids, I have to try not to see them or turn the other way as I walk pass Oreo cookies. It’s that bad. But once in a while I feed my addiction, like today. 

Well, we all have something that we wish to get rid of in our lives. Maybe a bad habit, bad behavior, sweets, weight, substance abuse, whatever it is.  It takes hardwork, dedication, determination, goal-setting, and top it up with strength from God and we can achieve it. There’s nothing too small or too big for Him to pull us out of.  Ask God for grace and He will see you through.




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