Praying for your Life Partner

For married and unmarried individuals, praying for your spouse is as important as eating healthy. I remember when I started praying for my husband. I was 17 years old and was at a youth bible study group when the leader/pastor talked about relationships. He said we could start praying for our future partners even though we didn’t know who they were. At first, I thought that was weird but as I prayed, I heard myself praying that God protects him, and at the right time, may our paths cross. I prayed that God keep us meeting each other until the right time when we will both realize God’s plans for us. I realized then that I had just given God the go-ahead to choose my life partner, and He chose just the right person.

I met my husband 1 year later and it has been a wonderful journey since.

I haven’t stopped praying for him. I pray for strength, peace, his heart -that it stays burning for the Lord. I pray that God keeps his heart strong against every temptation, for self control, cos it’s only by God’s grace that we stay faithful to our spouses (husband or wife). I also pray for myself in that regard. So pray for your spouse. Pray for their jobs, co-workers – that they will have good co-workers and if any seems impossible, well then pray for peace and God’s grace in fighting that battle. You’d be surprise what you’ll see happen.

Pray for your relationship with your spouse. Kids will grow up and leave your home but your partner won’t (That’s our prayer). Cherish your spouses and the times that you have together.



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