Discipline of a Child, Whose responsibility?

Discipline is solely the parents’ responsibility and no one else. As parents we have to be ready to parent our children and ensure that they get the necessary morals they need to succeed in life.

Starting with the home. Are you teaching your children to respect their parents? There are little things that kids do that most families ignore or don’t see as an issue but it really is. Answering yes mom or yes dad when called. Saying good morning when you wake up. Mom comes home with groceries, run out to help get them in. Parent walks in the door with bags in their hands, take them off their hands while you say hi and before anything else. When the parent is talking with another adult, do not interrupt instead give parent a signal that you need their attention and wait for your parent to give you audience. Please and Thank you. All of these are everyday things that many parents take for granted but are good morals that kids should be taught. However your child behaves at home, he/she will behave same outside or even worse. If your kids are well mannered at home, they’ll portray same morals at school, church, friends’ house, etc.

Playgrounds – Do your kids respect other kids at the playground? Do they play nicely?, Ask before using other kids toys? Ask you the parent before taking anything edible from anyone? If you answered no to these, then you’ve missed another important lesson for your little kiddo.

School – It doesn’t matter what country you live in, there are so many children that lack discipline and this exhibits in schools. Unfortunately it’s becoming a growing problem. So many parents are too busy with work or social life that they loose the opportunity to parent their children. For this same reason we’re having an expanding population of juvenile delinquents. I understand that we have to work to make money to care for our families, but of what use is the money if we don’t take the opportunities we have to be parents to our children, cos when they get to that teen age, that’s it. We don’t get another chance.

Teachers are put in schools to pass on knowledge to the students, enforce order in the classrooms and encourage good behaviors using punishments and rewards. It is never a teacher’s job to instill discipline in a child but the parents. Unruly kids make it difficult for teachers to do their jobs effectively and in a timely manner. Start disciplining your kids at an early age and you won’t have to deal with notes from their teachers or principals as they get older. Some situations are slightly different, for example; kids with ADHD. With help of their physician, they can be managed. But even with this, parents need to be able to set some boundaries and rules for the child.

I’m sure teachers in every country will have a thing or two to say about this. I’ve spoken with friends and neighbors who are teachers and they all say the same thing. They have that 1 or 2 kids that are just uncontrollable. In general, they can tell what kid has their parents’ attention and which doesn’t. Even in their learning. Simple things as manners, respect for the authority etc are lacking in many children’s lives.

There are many ways of parenting a child. Everyone has their beliefs and ideas when it comes to parenting. The main thing is.. What is your child learning?, How are they learning to behave?. Are we teaching them to recognize right and wrong?. Are we, as parents paying attention to what matters most? Good education is awesome but what is good education without good behavior, without discipline, without self control, without good sense of judgement. This determines the kind of individual they would be to the society.

There’s no perfect mom or dad. My goal is to teach my kids to respect others, respect adults and authority, be good to others, treat others how you want to be treated and most of all, I teach them to love God. Because I believe with God in their hearts and with what we, their parents, teach them, they’ll have the wisdom, as they get older, to choose right from wrong.

I have to add, there should be a balance in whatever way we choose to discipline our children. Don’t forget the most important ingredient, LOVE.


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