How do you help your child in deciding what talent to pursue? Dance, Gymnastics, Acrobatics, instruments etc. My oldest princess is good in all and loves them but we must downsize on activities. I’m more in a dilemma than she is; what activity do we cancel and which ones do we continue. She wants to keep all but I can’t handle all. Let’s not forget she not my only child. I have two others with their own long list of activities. Last year was a crazy busy year; juggling their school, after school stuff, home stuff, the husband. The biggest thing for us was their education, we immediately saw the effect of keeping them so busy with non school activities and this is our biggest reason for downsizing.

As parents we want the best for our children that sometimes we forget to prioritize and allow what’s best make d bottom of the list. 

Education is most important, other activities- Dance, Karate etc, comes after. 

May God help us make wise decisions and give us the wisdom to guide our children right.


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