It’s Mother’s Day

It’s another special day today, a day when women with children are to be treated extra special, pampered and showered with gifts and affection from loved ones. A day when women are to be treated a liltte more than any normal day. Our kids love on us, our husbands love on us. They go shopping… Continue reading It’s Mother’s Day

Marriage · Motivational

Let Go – Past Relations

Our past experiences makes us who we are in the present; good or bad. Some of us may have be scared pretty badly and it’s hard to see or believe any differently. While others may have had it very exciting it becomes hard to experience life any differently (e.g facing any bad times in life)… Continue reading Let Go – Past Relations


A Stitch in Time

There comes a time in a person’s life when they might feel like they’re missing something, like they’re not where they want to or are meant to be, like they’re unworthy. If you feel that way maybe it’s time to get up and do something meanful with your time/life and then you will feel worthy,… Continue reading A Stitch in Time

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Mail Delivery

I’ve always seen the mail man drive around delivering mails and packages in their vans and sometimes on foot. It’s the norm – mails get delivered everyday. On this particular day, as I drive my kids to their saturday activity, I looked out my side of the window and saw a mail-lady on foot sorting… Continue reading Mail Delivery


Life as it seems

Driving in the car with my 3 precious kiddos. Listening to their conversations and responding to their ceaseless questions. At the same time trying to listen to and enjoy my music. I could hear the words of the song amongst their many chatter. Enjoying listening to them talk, chat and enjoy each others company was… Continue reading Life as it seems


Phases of Life

You are more than you give yourself credit.  Depression can manifest in many different ways in different people. Some mild and others severe. In some people it is the feelings of self worth. Very often we tend to discredit ourselves, we think we can’t do something or be something or be somewhere. We can’t have… Continue reading Phases of Life