Discipline of a Child, Whose responsibility?

Discipline is solely the parents’ responsibility and no one else. As parents we have to be ready to parent our children and ensure that they get the necessary morals they need to succeed in life. Starting with the home. Are you teaching your children to respect their parents? There are little things that kids do… Continue reading Discipline of a Child, Whose responsibility?


Praying for your Life Partner

For married and unmarried individuals, praying for your spouse is as important as eating healthy. I remember when I started praying for my husband. I was 17 years old and was at a youth bible study group when the leader/pastor talked about relationships. He said we could start praying for our future partners even though… Continue reading Praying for your Life Partner


Disciplining your kids

In this era we live in , it’s almost as if discipline is a taboo. Many kids get away with bad behaviors, no wonder why they become uncontrollable as they get older. No structure.  How can we discipline our kids. I’m outingling a few importnat points to think of when tdealing with children. Be authoritative… Continue reading Disciplining your kids